bogdan-ficeac-blackThe associate professor Bogdan Ficeac has a PhD in Sociology and he is the author of numerous books, including: “Manipulation Techniques”, “The communist censorship and the formation of the new man”, “Why men kill men”, “Romania captive. File of an unsuccessful transition”. He is co-author of the school book “Proficiency in mass media”, and author of a series of scientific articles on topics like sociology, political science, law, etc.

Communication expert, Bogdan Ficeac held courses and lectures at the Romanian Diplomatic Institute, The National Intelligence Academy, The “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy etc. He teaches journalism and political science at the Hyperion University in Bucharest. In his books and scientific articles, in hundreds of leading articles and press analysis, he was constantly focused on dismantling the disinformation and crowd manipulation techniques, on the study of political and intercultural communication strategies.