The Second Internship program organized by LARICS and designed for those who are interested in international relations, geopolitics, strategic narration, as well as interconnected domains, took place in November 2018 until January 2019.

The LARICS Internship Program united students from various domains like sociology, economy, history, journalism, communication, political sciences, international relations and law. After the selection process, the young students were accepted in the training session. Given the characteristics of the institution, the selection searched for candidates who had abilities in strategic thinking, analysis and synthesis, willing to specialize in internal and external event analysis, under the context of the confrontations that are taking place in the media, that reached the level of informational wars with implications for Romania and its strategic partners.

The first generations that graduated the Internship program are already part of the LARICS team.

Students and young graduates are invited to apply for the next program of the Internship, details will be posted on the website.

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