Nicolae Țîbrigan*


The article is about a story of two “leaders,” who occupy the political spectrum of the Republic of Moldova by force, intending to change the voting system. Both of them find themselves in a competition – secondary to sequential collaborations – and regarding this competition, it had been documented in other material published by LARICIS.

To speak now about Vladimir Plahotniuc and Igor Dodon as being in a “marriage of raison” seems to be outdated, since they have launched various pieces of misinformation in the public space trying to convince people that they are in “opposition.”

When in need, a good friend shows his true face, and both of these politicians have extended a hand to each other to obtain a favorable majority in the next election in 2018. (The next election will have a mixed balanced ballot: 50 mandates per uninominal constituency and 51 mandates per single constituency.)

For example, during an interview for Radio Free Europe, Igor Dodon, the President and the de facto leader of the Party of the Socialists from Moldova, declared that “the democratic project of introducing of the uninominal system is a tragedy, and a catastrophe, for the political system of Moldova.” However, that did not prevent the socialists from approving the first reading, including the first draft submitted by the Democratic Party (DP).

I don’t know why, but the authors of the socialists’ bill have plagiarized entire passages from the Democrats’ project, and this despite the scope publicly assumed by Igor Dodon “to hijack the Democrats’ intention of introducing the uninominal vote.”  Even so, we think he has “hijacked” them in a bizarre way – by copying from yesterday’s political adversaries and today’s partners.  Here are a few samples:


And here:


Or here:


Examining in detail the two documents, we find out the total number of copied changes from the Democrats’ bill is twenty — except for the modifications from Title III Legislative Elections.

Thus, next time you hear Igor Dodon accusing someone of being a copycat, ask him how he allowed the author of the bill to be inspired by the writings of the “pro-European, oligarchic regime”, as he likes to describe the governance.

Besides the identified plagiarism in this Ph.D. thesis, the President now presents himself as a foolish student who had copied from his desk “colleague” (an absurd alliance) and now waits to pass the election “exam.”

We plan to keep you informed about other “gambits” of disinformation issued by the Copy-paste binomial pact between the Democrats and the Socialists (DP-PSRM).

*Nicolae Ţibrigan is a Sociology graduate at the University of Bucharest, as well as a graduate of the Master of Security Studies at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest. He is currently enrolled in the Doctoral School of Sociology. Starting with 2013, he is a collaborator of Foreign Policy Romania and a research assistant at the Institute of Political Science and International Relations “Ion I.C. Bratianu “of the Romanian Academy.