Mădălina Bacaim

Mădălina Bacaim

Mădălina Bacaim is an accredited project manager, with experience in coordinating projects to support independent media and actions against disinformation. She also provides consultancy services to non-profit organizations about sources of funding they can access and the conception of related funding applications.

She has a previous 10 years experience in sales and managing key customers and one of the most important responsibilities was the development of the LEGO franchise channel in Romania.

Mădălina has been an active member of non-governmental organizations since the faculty, being involved in various activities: entrepreneurial education for students, non-formal education for underprivileged children or raising funds for children with cancer.
However, the civic actions that she took part lately as to support democracy and compliance to the audiovisual law, have led to a natural transition of her career from the private sector to the civil society field.


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14 November 2019