I have graduated Journalism at “Alecu Russo” Bălți State University and now I am a master student at “Ștefan cel Mare” University in Suceava. I have a tree years’ experience in journalism in Republic of Moldova. I was a crime reporter and investigative reporter at Russian-language newspaper “SP” in Bălți, being responsible for texts about corruption, money laundering, officials’ wealth etc. At the same time, I was collaborating with investigative portal “RISE Moldova”.


Last year I was designated one of the best journalists of R. Moldova, being awarded at the category “Hope of the year”.


I advocate for a more pronounced presence of Romania in Republic of Moldova at all levels: media, politics, culture, education. I am also in favor of a more insistent promotion of Romania’s geopolitical interests in Moldova.


At the same time, I know very well the Russian language, and mentality, I am very well aware of the socio-political realities in Russia. This knowledge is what I want to contribute with in order to annihilate Russian propaganda in Romania.